The world according to Google

The world according to Google

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GOOGLE SEARCH DATA can be used for all sorts of beneficial purposes, like tracking the spread of a flu virus. And then there’s this: typing in a country name and seeing what ridiculous stereotypes or other gibberish is generated by the Autocomplete tool.

Below are the results I got for 40 of the world’s most populous nations on December 17, 2013, conducted on a clean browser in Maine, USA. Countries are listed in alphabetical order, with the Autocompleted text in italics. Behold the wonder of our hive mind:

* * *

Americans love to fight.
Americans are not stupid.
Americans can’t find America on a map.

Argentines are Italians.
Argentines hate Chileans.
Argentines don’t like Messi.

Australians are getting fatter.
Australians love to gamble.
Australians hate Justin Bieber.

Belgians were the bravest.
Belgians are coming.
Belgians make such lovely buns.

Brazilians are the worst.
Brazilians don’t tip.
Brazilians should speak Spanish.

British people have bad teeth stereotype.
British people love to queue.
British people can’t rap.

Canadians have the best bus stops.
Canadians shouldn’t gloat.
Canadians love to travel.

Chileans are white.
Chileans love mayonnaise.
Chileans hate Peruvians.

Chinese people are weird.
Chinese people love KFC.
Chinese people can read minds.

Colombians are the best.
Colombians love to party.
Colombians don’t need visa for Turkey.

Dutch people are tall.
Dutch people love gold.
Dutch people don’t get married.

Egyptians had 50 words for sand.
Egyptians love cats.
Egyptians want to destroy pyramids.

Ethiopians have good hair.
Ethiopians don’t consider themselves black.
Ethiopians can run.

Filipinos are resilient.
Filipinos love karaoke.
Filipinos have souls.

French people can’t say squirrel.
French people hate peanut butter.
French people have affairs.

Germans want their gold back.
Germans love to insult me.
Germans should be proud.

Indians love to dance.
Indians hate each other.
Indians can’t eat beef.

Indonesians don’t have last names.
Indonesians are rude.
Indonesians want closer education links.

Iranians have beautiful eyes.
Iranians can’t wear blue jeans.
Iranians love America.

Irish people have curly hair.
Irish people love to drink.
Irish people can’t read italics.

Israelis love Iranians.
Israelis have no manners.
Israelis want peace.

Italians like to argue.
Italians can’t be trusted.
Italians make the best lovers.

Jamaicans will dance to anything.
Jamaicans want to be British.
Jamaicans have a lot of jobs.

Japanese people are fake.
Japanese people like crooked teeth.
Japanese people hate anime.

Kenyans are fast.
Kenyans love Obama.
Kenyans don’t always vote tribally.

Koreans love to drink.
Koreans love spam.
Koreans will rule the world.

Mexicans can’t fight.
Mexicans love to party.
Mexicans have staring problems.

New Zealanders love pies.
New Zealanders hate Aussies.
New Zealanders are called Kiwis.

Nigerians are intelligent.
Nigerians like big women.
Nigerians have arrived.

Pakistanis have big noses.
Pakistanis love songs.
Pakistanis can’t decide.

Peruvians are liars.
Peruvians have big heads.
Peruvians love to swoop in and save the day.

Polish people love bowling.
Polish people have small eyes.
Polish people should go home.

Russians love to boogie.
Russians have flat heads.
Russians can’t drive.

South Africans love their sport.
South Africans hate the Dutch Kingston Trio lyrics.
South Africans are rude.

Spaniards love Mexico.
Spaniards can speak English.
Spaniards have a lisp.

Swedes love to freak.
Swedes hate Norwegians.
Swedish people can’t get AIDS.

Thai people love their king.
Thai people can travel without visa.
Thai people have long last names.

Turkish people have big noses.
Turkish people love children.
Turkish people want to join EU.

Venezuelans are hot.
Venezuelans love to dance.
Venezuelans are upset and Maduro knows it.

Vietnamese people are smart.
Vietnamese people have big eyes.
Vietnamese people love saving face.

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